It’s amazing that before I read your message the Lord said to me that every male companion I’ve had in my life has let me down but not once has it done that to me (God) … He has always been there no matter what happened in my life ow whoever left my life he was always there!!

My husband and I have been married for 23 years it would’ve been 25 but we was divorced for a couple of years, my youngest said to me yesterday “mama you need to prepare yourself to be alone because God revealed to me that dad is going to leave its like he’s waiting on a big pay off to leave” she also said every dream I’ve had we all would be together and he would just vanish, he has H. Pylori in his stomach and a tumor and I’m praying that God lay his healing hand upon him, my daughter say she is a lesbian and it’s hard for me to receive from her anymore, she’s called to the ministry herself and I’m praying that God deliver her and my oldest daughter Brittany from the spirit of perversion my youngest is Allexus …

I’m in a full blown warfare because they are now in my home, 2 lesbians ??? And an excessive lottery player and his mood changes when he don’t have money, God delivered him from crack and he went straight to lottery (a spirit of addiction) nothing is never enough spirit!!

Thank you for the prayer!!