Kenya, East Africa

Dear Pastor,
Receive Calvary greetings from Kenya,East Africa ,I am Pastor Desmond Otieno of Heart of God Ministries in Kenya.It was by the grace of the Lord that i came over your contact or ministry through the intern ate,when i was looking for the bible study topics in intern ate and the holy spirit of the lord prompted me to contact you and invite you for the Leaders conference. and open air crusade which will take place in November (2016)pray over it and let me know.And we also pray that this letter finds you walking in the spirit and therefore blessed of the Lord .Romans 8;8.So then they that in flesh can not please God.Please this email comes to you this year with an open door to work with us for the kingdom of God,our main mission is to advance the kingdom of God in all corners of the world by taking out the church outside the four corners ,we go preaching even in the correctional institutions like prison,jail and to the hospitals,we also have an
orphanage with 30 orphans and abandoned children of ages between 3-16 years .we believe God in the provision of their needs;we teach them the word of God and use them to minister to other kinds while we are on the mission work,We are asking you kindly to help us pray for the orphans and the widows who have volunteered to help as care givers.These children were living under dangerous conditions and were subjected to life threatening situation.Most of them are orphaned due to HIV and Aids killing their parents.Many children after the death of their parents run away from their home to fetch for food in the streets and garbage ,sleeping in the cold with no good food clothing ,other are found dead due to food poisoning,Please we kindly request for your involvement in the fight to help the children that God have already placed under our care.James 1:27.The most pressing needs in this orphanage are foods,medicine and cloths.We will appreciate your help and
prayer in any area.
Ready to hear and read from you very soon
His happy servant ,
Pastor Desmond.